Strategic. Creative. Curious.

That’s what the raspy voiceover would whisper in the commercial if you bottled my essence and sold me as perfume. Or, fine air freshener for the workplace.

A brief history of my work life

LamboMy first day on the job at Bridgestone Americas, I got a Lamborghini up to 118 mph on a test track in Vegas. That was in April 2013 at a new product launch and I had just signed on as Product Marketing Coordinator for the tire giant.

My duties included art, copy and cat choreography. I developed product messaging and photography for Bridgestone and Firestone brands and, by befriending the sales team and wrangling agency partners across the globe, orchestrated cohesive campaigns and product launches that you’d swear had jazz hands of their own.

A year and a promotion later, I had created a new role as Retail Marketing Specialist and was itching to prove that I could make tires sexy.

Toolbox TreadLifeSo, I created TreadLife magazine and the Resource Toolbox which set the new industry standard in B2B content marketing. I also dreamed up sleek, sustainable, in-store displays which saved us money and garnered a collective “THANK YOU!” from retailers at 5,000+ points of sale.

Cut to present day and I’m what they call an Innovation Discovery Partner. I tell people I’m an Innovation Instigator.

I create opportunities for teammates around the world to collaborate, think and work differently, and find new solutions for the end user. I lead three committees that vet hundreds of ideas, manage two special (secret) projects, train teammates in Design Thinking (200+ so far), and document the juicy insights for posterity.

I also say this a lot: “Okay fine, but what does the user want?”

A pet project, in Sept. 2015, I launched the Intrapraneurship, an experiment I hoped would un-stymie creative junior teammates. It did. Now, it’s an official program with a list of folks eager to participate.

20151211_144731.jpgThat golden goat you see there started as an inside joke – I’d explain, but it’s one of those had-to-be-there things, so it wouldn’t be funny to you – but it turned out to make for a meaningful trophy when I wanted to show the first class of Intrapraneurs that their hard work and trust in me hadn’t gone unnoticed.

And it’s so much better than a golden guinea pig. Right?

Before Bridgestone, I worked at Southcomm as Brand Marketing Manager where I led the development of branding, creative, and experience for unique events and promotions in Nashville, Louisville and Kansas City. Southcomm produces some of the best alt-weeklies and events in the country. I’m partial to Nashville Scene and Yoga on the Field.

Before that, I was Managing Editor and Creative Director at Out & About Newspaper, Tennessee’s only statewide LGBT newspaper. I led a skeleton crew of young and hungry writers and photographers, from assigning and editing longform pieces for monthly print to cranking out daily content hard and soft. Like the girl said after Regina George punched her in the face, It was awesome.

PrideVolThis year, I am honored to serve as Board President of Nashville Pride. Since 2011, I’ve been a volunteer board member for non-profit and helped the organization climb out of debt and into prominence as the largest LGBT Festival in Tennessee.

In 2014, Nashville Pride was voted Best Festival and in 2015 set a new attendance record drawing more than 18,000 people.

So! I’ll stop there unless you want to hear about what a terrible server I was in college. Or about the week I was (sort of) a lifeguard in high school.

No? K… but feel free to email me if you change your mind. Or if you want me to work for you. Or if you want to collaborate on a cool project. Let’s chat!