Gifts for guys: sleek, sexy, and totes masc – even if he isn’t

If you’re shopping for your guy (or yourself) and want to find unique gifts that will leave him feeling justifiably pampered (but not prissy), start here.

I’ve plucked for you some of my favorite items straight out of my everyday life – so when I say they’re eh’pretty ba’dass, you know I mean it. I’m naturally drawn to products that are sleek, simple, and clever… think unique, modern, and durable with a dash of irreverent charm.

But enough foreplay… get on in there and see for yourself, tiger.

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Mornings Rituals That Don’t Suck

Dollar Shave Club razor and refills. This is a no-brainer!  I’ve been using DSC for a couple of years now and do solemnly swear that it’s the friggin coolest. For $6/month, I get 4 razor cartridges every month and a funny poop newsletter and sometimes some freebies. They offer three razor levels from “practically hairless” to “dear god, you hairy!” I use the middle-of-the road razor (the 4x) which is actually more razor than I need… but that’s cool bc DSC lets me switch to every-other-month at no charge when I need to run down my inventory. Then I just flip it back on.

Biore Charcoal Bar I’ve been using this in lieu of shaving cream for a few months and I’m a fan. It softens my face hairs and creates a perfectly slick palette for my razor, and then washes away easily without any residual goop or the lingering ‘alpine forest’ scent you get with typical shaving cream.

Lush Cosmetics Ocean Salt face scrub  is my go-to goop to slough off the dead skin and prevent stress zits.The gritty minerals in sea salt soften as it scrubs away dirt; lime and vodka fight blocked pores and blemishes (and give it a bright-but-not-girly smell); and fresh avocado and coconut hydrate leaving my face oil-free and even.

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Sex in a bottle

Every day I be smellin’ like Escentric Molecule #2. When I first started wearing this about 3 years ago, people were constantly asking me “Dude, what cologne do you wear? No homo.” To which I’d say “it’s Escentric… like eccentric, but like, with ‘scent.’ And it’s #2. There are like 6 or something…” and then I’d give up and tell them to Google it. So for the record here’s the real description of Molecule 2. (Check out the rest on their website.)

The Molecule fragrance in each pair breaks all the rules of perfumery. It contains no fragrant ingredients other than the aroma molecule, giving you fragrance at its purist. Molecule 02 consists of the molecule Ambroxan pure and singular. Ambroxan has a subtle sensual quality with a radiant, long-lasting drydown.


It’s in the bag

I hit the road with the essentials starting with my Takeo Kikuchi briefcase. A good bag is hard to find and this one is damn-near perfect… I got it in Japan. It wasn’t cheap. It was worth and I don’t regret it and you won’t either.

Also, I’ll briefly (wink) mention…

Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk for when I need to hide in plain sight; Native Nashville magazine so I always have something to talk about; Shakeology when I don’t have time for lunch; Akribos watch found on; Fan-Fucking-Tastic Notecards I found at Atomic! Nashville because we should all get in the habit of saying “thanks, bitch!” more often; Everyman Grafton pen writes like sex; St. Tropez  dark bronzing mist to maintain a healthy summer glow that looks real; Calvin Klein Skinny Tie makes thin, short guys look grown; Lapel Pin from Bachrach for unexpected flair; Amethyst Buddha necklace from Linx by Mark Morton to ground me; keys to BMW 328i GT because in a perfect world everyone would have one; Joe Malone Orris & Sandalwood cologne I found at Nordstrom, my signature scent for after hours (or anytime I want to smell like pure sex); Japanese Strawberry Cheesecake KitKat, just for shits and giggles; Nikon D3200 camera because moments.


Went black, not going back.

I’m a freak about ink pens and f’ing love this Everyman Grafton pen.  It’s heavy and generous with the ink. Also, this unique Grenade Notebook found at TJ Maxx just because, and Out Magazine because one day I’ll be in their Out 100. #lifegoals

That Bedtime Pre-Game


Most (straight, American) dudes think toiletries are a lady’s game and consequently run around looking like a bunch of scaley, unfuckable reptiles. But, fear not! I’ve discovered a bro-friendly bathroom trifecta that literally leaves you fresh AF and will have everybody wanana get clean, and then dirty, and then clean again.

Don’t ask me how I know, but I know. Trust.

  • Start with this minty cool Pro-Organic Purifying Body Wash with Medicinal Bamboo. This stuff, on a loofa, leaves me feeling like sins-down-the-drain clean. And smooth. And smelling fresh in an undiscernable way that is intriguing and sexy.
  • Then, slather on this White Charcoal Body Lotion from Peabody & Paisley Apothecary. It’s made with simple, natural ingredients including Binchotan White Charcoal which protects skin from environmental toxins and seals in moisture. It goes on light, absorbs fast, and has the ‘barely there’ scent of neroli oil naturally derived from orange blossoms leaving you (and your sheets) smelling… pure.
  • And for that pretty mouth, I recommend Hello extra-whitening fluoride toothpaste. It extra-whitens without peroxide and Pure Mint tastes like a dream. And it’s free from dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, microbeads, triclosan, preservatives, gluten, and peroxide.


Let’s talk about it!

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Questions? Go! Or comment below and tell me about some of your favorite products. I’m always looking for a cool new find and would love to give you a shout-out in a future post.

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